To the citizens of Ajax:

      Thank you!

Now that the election is over and the results are in, I want to say a  few words of thanks.

First, thank you to the citizens of Ajax for returning me to serve  another term as Mayor of this great community.  

Your support and  encouragement is what keeps me going and I have been honoured and  privileged to serve

as your mayor.  Thank you once again for allowing  me to serve and move Ajax forward.

To all the candidates who put their names forward, thank you for your  commitment and desire to be a part of

the future of Ajax.  Whether you  were successful or not, your participation took courage, hard work and  

a sincere desire to make Ajax better.  All positions were contested  and this gave citizens a choice and that makes

our local democracy  stronger.  I hope each one of you continues to stay involved and be a  positive voice

over the next term of council.

To our town staff, led by Martin DeRond and Nicole Wellsbury, thank  you for running a fair and transparent

election process.  Candidates  campaign and voters vote, but running and managing the process takes  

high ethical standards, hard work and great attention to many details.    This was especially true this year

with on-line voting and a totally  new process which, for some, might have seemed difficult and  intimidating.  

As well, thank you to all the many citizens who came  forward to staff the many positions and helped

 this new system work so  well.

Thank you to the many volunteers who helped all the candidates run  their campaigns and who do the

many thankless tasks that are an  important part of every election campaign.  Your efforts are unsung  

but without you none of these campaigns would be possible.

Finally, I wish to thank my family for their unwavering support, their  encouragement, and for just

putting up with me and my job.  First  always, to my wife, Rosemary, for her devotion, sage advice,  

companionship and ability to keep me grounded and on track - thank  you.  To my three

wonderful children and two lovely granddaughters,  thanks for being there and always reminding

me what's important in  life.  To my wonderful parents, Bill and Marney - what can I say?  You  

have supported me in everything I have done.  Some of the simplest and  most important advice I ever

received came from you, Mom.  And Dad,  you are an inspiration to me, the whole family, and I

think the whole  Town.  You helped lay the strong foundations of Ajax as a member of  its first council

and its third Mayor.  A better role model and source  of inspiration could not be found.

So, thanks to you all!  I pledge to continue to lead our Town to the  best of my ability and to always

act in its best interests, whether  doing so appears popular at the time or not.  Together we have  

accomplished much but there is always so much more to do.  And  together, we will get the job done.

Steve Parish